A Frustrated Ambitious Filipina Travel Blogger

A Frustrated Ambitious Filipina Travel Blogger

Disclaimer: I don’t consider myself a good writer…not yet anyways. I’m not tech-savvy, either. I thank the heavens though that I have my brother to help me out with anything about tech and my friends for proofreading most of my work. And of course, there’s Mr. Google to the rescue!

I gave emphasis to Filipina because 1) I’m a Filipina and 2) most Filipinas grew up with overprotective parents like I have and — one of my major frustrations is having the writer’s block!

To be honest, this is taking me ages to finish this article. Anyway, there are far more other things I get frustrated about. Here are some of my frustrations that I go through every day being an ambitious Filipina travel blogger.

Frustration #1: I can’t always have my adventure

It is still a taboo for Filipina travellers to venture the world on their own. Of course, your family only thinks about your safety and your future.whenever I want to go off on an adventure, I usually have to ask my parents permission (and believe me, it’s not easy!)

The situation would usually go like this: I ask my Mom first, but then she’s not sure of what my dad thinks, so she will tell me to ask my Dad. Then my Dad doesn’t know what my mom thinks, so he will send me back to my Mom. *It’s like a table tennis kind of game. Seriously, can you please decide?*

Then they’ll ask me a bunch of questions like where am I going, who am I going with, where am I staying, how am I going to get there, is it safe or among other things. It usually ends with a No because of too-many-reasons-to-mention, they rarely give me the GO signal, but once I make it through all the interrogation, there’s no stopping me! Of course there are a few rules and regulations I have to abide to (better than nothing!)

As of now, I just let them know when I’m off to another adventure given that I let them know a week earlier the latest. Well, most of the time. 😉

Frustration #2: Self-reliance

It sounds a lot better than just saying ‘I am alone and I have no one else to count on but myself.’

There are times when I get overwhelmed with everything going on with my life and no one in my family could understand me. The frustration of going through the process: before, during, after the trip, and preparing the content, writing the article before publishing them. It tends to overpower everything else.

I realized that I have to be my own cheerleader and motivate myself to continue whatever it is I started. In a way, I learned how to support myself for my crazy adventures. I learned how to take care of myself on the road though I haven’t mastered this yet. Lastly, I learned how to love and get to know myself more when I travel.

As a Filipina, my parents don’t always allow me travel on my own and at times when they do, my friends aren’t available then I’d have to go on my own or invite other travellers from different travel groups/sites. It taught me how to be independent and figure things out all by myself on the road which is very fulfilling.

Frustration #3: Empty Mind.

Homer empty mind
Grabbed from Google.com

Maybe not an empty mind, I do have a lot of things that goes through my mind, but I can’t really pinpoint what I really want to say. Ironic right? I am a full time power employee at day, and brain breaking student at night. I try so hard to insert my trips on my 1 rest day.

As I have mentioned earlier, I often have writer’s block. My problem is I can’t get the words out of my head even when I know what I’m going to write about and I’d be staring at the computer for hours until I get bored and close my laptop. It’ll be hours later or days and even months before I’d get back on it when I have everything figured out.

Frustration #4:  Deadlines.

I am putting all the pressure to myself on this. Given that I have deadlines at work and at school, I also put deadlines on my articles and when I need to post them. I get frustrated with myself because I chose to do this and I can’t handle it sometimes.

Frustration #5: People that says I’m rich

Seriously? No, I’m not rich, nor did I come from a rich family. I don’t ask for money from my parents when I travel. It’s all about knowing where your money goes and how much you need to save.

I am sure there is a lot of frustration every traveler goes through and every experience is unique. Since I’m still new with this, I’ve got a long way to go to learn how to deal with these frustrations.

How about you? What are your frustrations as a traveller and/or a blogger? How do you deal with it? Share your thoughts on the comments below!

Love, J.



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