Hong Kong: The Last Days

Hong Kong: The Last Days

We got back from our Macau trip, drained and exhausted. For our last two days in Hong Kong, we decided to take it in, in a slower pace.

Ladies Night Market

For our fourth day in Hong Kong, we decided to get a few souvenirs for our family and friends here in the Philippines. The receptionist told us that the best time to visit the Ladies Market is when it just starts to open, which is around early afternoon.

Ladies Night Market

When we got there, we were amazed that it was a full street and it ran for a few blocks. It was a hot and humid day and we were not in an explorer mood and we just wanted to get things done as fast as we could. We just bought a few key chains, magnets and T-shirts. After that, we headed straight back to our hostel to leave the gifts and rest for a bit.

The Peak

The Peak

Around late afternoon, we went to the Victoria Peak. The receptionist recommend us to take the bus to The Peak, instead of the tram, because there were a lot of things you can see and it’s way cheaper than taking the famous tram. By the way, it was double-decker! (AWESOME!)

The reception said it was easy to spot the bus going to The Peak but it took us about an hour and a lot of walking to figure out where it is. We even went as far as the Lower Terminus Victoria Peak Tram and found out that there’s a long line of people waiting to get tickets. Right that second, we knew we made a good decision not to take the tram. LOL. We found the bus for The Peak at the Exchange Square, just outside the Central Station.

This was the time when we got lost.
We found the bus stop!

When we arrived at the Peak, there’s actually two ways you can view the Hong Kong Skyline. It’s either you get inside the Peak Tower and get to the Sky Terrance 428 (entrance fee applies) or you get inside the Peak Galleria and head to the rooftop to get the same stunning view. The only difference is that the Sky Terrance 428 is higher than the rooftop of the Peak Galleria. It’s 428 m above sea level, hence the name Sky Terrance 428.

We arrived a little too early and stayed until we saw a glimpse of the symphony of lights.

On the way back to Hostel, we still took the bus because there was long line and the waiting time was an hour and a half for the tram.

The Peak Tram.
The Peak
Hong Kong Skyline at night
The Hong Kong Skyline at night.

Ocean Park Hong Kong

We spent our last full day at the Ocean Park Hong Kong. My brother is a huge fan of rollercoasters and anything exhilarating. He was truly thrilled that we got to visit the park. Ocean Park is an oceanarium and an amusement park. It features breathtaking rides (and views!) like Hair Raiser, the Mine Train (which was under maintenance, at that time) and the Dragon.

Ocean park hong kong
Ocean Park Hong Kong
the grand aquarium - ocean park hong kong
The Grand Aquarium
the dragon - ocean park hong kong
The Dragon

The summer heat was too strong, so we mostly spent our days inside air-conditioned areas like the Arctic Fox Den, the Shark Mystique, the Adventures in Australia, the Grand Aquarium, the North Pole Encounter, South Pole and Sea Jelly Spectacular, and the Panda Village.

The Shark Mystique - Ocean Park Hong Kong
The Shark Mystique
Sea jelly spectacular - Ocean Park Hong Kong
Sea Jelly Spectacular
south pole spectacular - ocean park hong kong
South Pole Spectacular
the arctic fox den - ocean park hong kong
The Arctic Fox Den
Giant panda village - ocean park hong kong
Giant Panda Village *He’s sleeping :3
the adventures in australia - ocean park hong kong
The Adventures in Australia *Spot the Koala 😉

The Park is separated by a large mountain into two areas, The Summit (Headland) and The Waterfront (Lowland). There are two ways to reach these areas, where the extreme rides are, it’s either taking the 30-minute cable car ride or taking their Ocean Express Train. We tried both ways but we would recommend taking the cable car ride for its stunning views.

I was already drained from walking around in the heat, it was only my brother who rode most of the rollercoaster. We went home just right before the amusement park closed.

ocean express waterfront station - ocean park hong kong
The Ocean Express Waterfront Station
Cable Car - ocean park hong kong
Cable Car inside the Ocean Park Hong Kong
ocean park hong kong
Overlooking view!
Ocean theatre - ocean park hong kong
Over looking view from the Ocean Theatre!
ferris wheel - ocean park hong kong
Ferris Wheel

It was one amazing birthday week spent with my brother. I couldn’t ask for a better company.

Cheers to more travel with you bro! ☺️

Love, J.

A brave soul looking for (mis)adventures, which are out of my comfort zone. Other hobbies include but not limited to: shower concerts, dancing in the kitchen, playing dead in a film and being a busy potato.

13 thoughts on “Hong Kong: The Last Days

  1. I was able to visit here too! Hongkong was pretty nice! Rides at Ocean Park were scary though. I think I reached the highest note possible while riding Hell Raiser. Were you able to try it?

    Anyways, great pics Jane! Keep it up. 😀

    1. Hi Ed! Thanks for stopping by! Sadly, I wasn’t able to try the Hell Raiser because I was already tired Haha. Maybe next time. 🙂

  2. Hong Kong is a place I would truly love to visit, so this is a post I really found so interesting. I have often heard that it has much in common with Singapore which is a place I love. The view from the peak is just fabulous and something that Hong Kong is well known for – looking out past the buildings and into the harbor. Hopefully I will get there one day but in the meanwhile, this post has been really enjoyable.

  3. Ahhhh I miss everything about this place! My HomeKong made me wanna do a lot of things: to walk more, to eat, to re-assess my independence, to celebrate my life every day, and to move in! I’m happy to know that you celebrated and enjoyed your birthday week here! Xx

  4. I’ve never been to HongKong, but I want to. And since you say the weather can be hot, I’d like to go when it’s a bit colder. Not sure when will that be but a promo fare can just easily make that happen. I’d love to go to the same places that you went to.

  5. Hong Kong is one of the places I’ve been eyeing to visit when I finally kick off my international trips. I’ll surely include The Peak and Ladies Night Market when that time comes! 🙂

  6. It’s so nice to travel with a brother! also once had a trip with my brother and he was the silliest company ever! x Hongkong is nice but didn’t you try most rides? It’s cute your brother liked the exhilarating ones! haha this makes me wanna revisit Hongkong! Xx

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