Free (or Cheap) things I did in Barcelona

Free (or Cheap) things I did in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the beautiful cities I’ve been to. The city is full of life and it speaks of different culture in each neighbourhood I passed by. I stayed in the city around 4 days before Christmas and have 2 full days to see the city. I loved and enjoyed every moment of my time in the city, mostly because I saved a few hundred euros when I was in the city. (Excluding the flight cost, of course.)

There are numerous things you can do for free (or cheaper, at least) in Barcelona. When I went there, I did not prepare any itinerary at all and mostly relied on recommendations from my friends. Also, I wasn’t planning on paying any entrance fees to places that have a long waiting line, with too many tourist and to save me from being broke.

I have a made a list of places that I went to where I enjoyed the beauty of Spain by going cheap. 😉

Basilica de La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia
La Sagrada Familia

This goes to the top of my list as this was the only place I knew about Barcelona before I even arrived in the city. It’s one of the grandest churches in Barcelona and it’s still under condition! It’s one of the famous works of Antoni Gaudi. The Basilica was constructed in 1882 and features a gothic style of architecture.

Parc Güell

Park Güell
Park Güell

Once we got La Sagrada Familia out of the way, we went to Parc Güell. Parc Güell is another work of Antoni Gaudi’s. It features exquisite ceramic works on its buildings and . Although the park is quite far from the city centre, they do offer one of the amazing panoramic view of the city but only accessible with an entrance fee. However, I heard from a few friends that you can access the park after hours. I’m not so sure how true it is but maybe its worth a try. 😉

Casa Mila

Casa Mila, a.k.a La Pedrera
Casa Mila, a.k.a La Pedrera

After our time in the Park, we decide to walk all the way back to the city center. After a few minutes, we eventually found our way in Casa Mila, a.k.a La Pedrera. This is another work of Antoni Gaudi for the Mila Family. There’s an entrance fee that gives you access to the rooftop where you can find more ceramic works. We only took photos and admired the splendid work of architecture.

Casa Battló

Casa Batlló
Casa Batlló

For another few blocks, we found another work of Antoni Gaudi called the Casa Battlò. I truly admired this specific building because of its intricate ceramic details and with windows giving out a sense of a dreamy façade. Again, you can get access to its museum for an entrance fee but I stayed outside and admired Gaudi’s work.

Casa Amattler

Barcelona Casa Amatller
Casa Amatller

Just right next to Casa Battlò, I couldn’t help but notice the Casa Amattler which is completely different from the architectural design of Casa Battlò. This building is a work by Josep Puig i Cadafalch in 1898 for Antoni Amateur, an owner of a chocolate factory. It features a neo-gothic architectural design and have a detailed façade.

I even took a photo to show how different the two buildings are.


Plaça de Catalunya

Plaça Catalunya
Plaça Catalunya

Few more blocks, we found ourselves at the centre of the city, specifically in Plaça Catalunya. This is one of the biggest squares in the city, and was the centre of festivities at the time of my visit. They had nightly shows which featured magic shows, dance contest and a whole lot of other things. During the day, it’s mostly packed by tourist and pigeons.

La Rambla

One of the exit points of Plaça de Catalunya is a whole street called La Rambla which will take you all the way to the Barceloneta Beach. It’s a long stretch of pedestrian way in the middle of the road. It’s one of the busiest street of Barcelona where a lot of souvenir shops and restaurants. We even found a few street artists which I think were cool.

Street Artist

Mercado de la Boqueria

Mercado de la Boqueria
Mercado de la Boqueria

From La Rambla, we took a detour and went to one of the busiest Market in the city called Mercado de La Boqueria. This market has everything! They have different restaurants which offer different cuisines. We also found a few snack bars, exotic spices shop, fish and meat market. We bought a few snacks for to-go and went to the beach.

Barceloneta Beach

Barceloneta beach

At the end of the La Rambla and a few blocks away, we found ourselves chilling by the beach. We had our snacks and just enjoyed the view. There were people who played volleyball and taking a dip. I did get envious by the surfers, the waves were perfect at that time and I kept wishing that I could surf. Sadly, I wasn’t prepared. Haha.

Barcelona Cathedral

Barcelona Cathedral
Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral is found at the Barri-Gòtic neighbourhood and its one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Barcelona. Although the Cathedral can be accessed from La Rambla, I went to the Cathedral on the day of my flight back home. The inside is as grand as the façade of the Cathedral. It was truly amazing to witness that kind of architectural work.


Picasso Museum

Next to the Barri-Gòtic neighbourhood is the El Born neighbourhood where you can Picasso Museum. Before we went in line to get our passes, we didn’t know how much the entrance fee would be. When we got to the reception, we asked if there are any discounts for students and luckily enough, it’s free for students! We were happy and excited to get to the museum. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any photos inside but I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys art.


Finding the right and cheap accommodation is crucial as a traveller. I’m glad I found the right hostel who offers free breakfast and sometimes offer cheap dinner for the guests, which certainly saved me in looking for places to eat. Also, the hostel has a kitchen that the guests can use.

REMINDER: Free breakfast doesn’t mean that it’s a luxurious breakfast. They mostly offer bread, cereals and fruits paired with hot coffee, milk or fruit juice.

I’m sure I missed a lot of things but I absolutely had a great time during my Christmas Vacation and hopefully this could help you when you plan your itinerary for your Barcelona trip.


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22 thoughts on “Free (or Cheap) things I did in Barcelona

  1. There are so many free or budget things to do in Barcelona. Your article shows that it’s possible to cover the region on a budget. And that also without compromising on the quality of your travel and fun!!

  2. Good thing to know that there are places that you can see free of charge and do things on the cheap in Barcelona. I have this notion that everything in Europe is expensive so it’s nice to find out that you don’t really have to spend a lot to enjoy the city. Hopefully i’d get to go there someday.

  3. Gorgeous shots! I feel envious that you’ve been here. I’ve always been dreaming of seeing these places in person because of the classic gothic structures that strike me that most. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. It’s a relief to find posts like this. It proves we really don’t need tons of cash to enjoy even expensive cities. I hope I could also wander around Barcelona 🙂 Must be a very lovely place!

  5. I love reading about Barcelona and other places in Spain. There are two things that captures my attention. First, is the culture. and second, is the different architectural designs of the structures all around.

  6. Thank you for these tips! I have always wanted to go to Barcelona (and Spain in general) but I know that I need to save lots and lots of money first to be able to go there. Good to know that I can save money by checking out attractions that are cheap or free. I’d definitely want to go to the Basilica de La Sagrada Familia. It’s so majestic! I don’t think a trip to Barcelona is complete without seeing it.

  7. Everyone says that go to Barcelona is so expensive but you can show that it is not like that. Many things to do for free! I am from Portugal but never been in Barcelona, yeah I know it is stupid, but I really want to make it soon. The Market has so many options and you did the best thing, buy snacks and went to the beach 😀

  8. Walking tours are the best cheapest way to enjoy any city.
    The tickets to these places are expensive. I did the tour inside Sagrada Familia! Mesmerizing interiors.

  9. Try surfing next time Jane! Do you miss the Philippines beaches? haha
    I haven’t been to Europe but the architectures are certainly very different from the ones that we have here in the Ph. I personally like the differences of the two photos you took, Casa Battlò, right? 🙂

    1. I miss the beaches so badly! since it’s always easy to get to the beach at any time of the year! hahaha Yes, it’s the Casa Battlò and the one beside is Casa Amatller. 😀

  10. Couldn’t agree more that without planning, Barcelona can be pretty expensive. It’s eye-watering how much a meal and a few drinks can cost there! But that being said, with so much beauty and culture just littered around the city, it really isn’t necessary to break the bank to enjoy yourself. Great post!

  11. Barcelona has beautiful architecture marvels. Your pictures are awesome. The work of Antonio Gaudi on Casa Amattler and Battlo are very very unique. I love the way how you clicked both these buildings together to show the difference. This post will be super helpful for a budget traveler.

  12. Barcelona has somehow kept evasive from my travels so far for some reason even though I would really love to visit it, it’s funny I know it has a reputation as an expensive destination as a long-term budget traveler I know there will be things to see and do on the cheap or for free and this post just confirms that for me. I’ve bookmarked it for when I do head out there 😀 – In your post you mention you were happy to find the right hostel, what hotel was is it? and Just out of curiosity how was Barcelona for Christmas?

    1. It was the Black Swan hostel. It’s near to everything! Plus they have free breakfast too. Unfortunately, I didn’t stay for the Christmas eve but leading up to Christmas, the city was quite festive! There were a lot of Christmas markets.

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