Spring Break in Warsaw

Spring Break in Warsaw

It had been two months since the last time I saw J-boy and since I had two weeks of spring break vacation, I decided to pay him a visit.


After a total of five hours in the air plus a three-hour stopover, we finally met again in Warsaw! It was supposed to be my spring break, but it seemed liked Warsaw was still not over with winter. It even snowed one morning which got me excited! But thankfully, it didn’t stay long because it would’ve been hard for me to deal with the cold.

I mostly explored the city on my own since Le Boyfie had to work. I went to see a LOT of the Museums, the Old Town Square and even dared to climbed up on a tower to get an aerial shot of the Old Town Square. During my visits in different museums, I learned about the history of Warsaw and how it rose up from the ruins. The more I learned about it, it made me appreciate the city more.

Palace of Culture and Science
Warsaw Old Town Square
Warsaw Old Town Square
The Royal Castle

During the weekend, we went to Krakow for three days. He was itching to visit the concentration camps as it became one of his travel bucket list after he read a Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

Our trip to Krakow was not easy though. We arrived in the city, tired, sleepy and hungry. It took us awhile to find a decent restaurant that wasn’t a tourist trap. After our late lunch, we explored the Old Town Square before we went to our Airbnb apartment. The next day, we booked the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, and Wieliczka Salt Mine tour for a full day. After the tour, we got home, drained.

Krakow Old Town Square
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

After two days of being drained and missed meals, J-boy was starting to get sick on our last day. We tried to visit the Jewish quarter but the weather wasn’t cooperative which did not go easy with him. On our trip back to Warsaw, J-boy already had fever and even had to skip work for a few days.

On my last few days, J-boy went with me to see a few museums but because he still wasn’t feeling well, we didn’t stay out long and decided to stay at home before I left. I left Warsaw feeling contented with my spring break, even with him being sick. Everything was wonderful and it was awesome to be able to spend two weeks with him because we weren’t sure when we would see each other again. For sure, I’d be looking forward to our next trip.

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  1. Exploring new places is always so much fun. And when the places are like Warsaw, it is all the more fun. I am a bit jealous you got to spend your summer break here. We have to go through a lot of paper work to be able to travel international.

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