2017 Travel Recap

2017 Travel Recap

Happy New Year! I know it’s a bit late but anyway, here’s a travel recap of my 2017.

Paris – Disneyland

I was still on a school break and decided to go to Paris, to meet with one of my theatre friends in Cebu. Also, to celebrate my own kind of Sinulog in Disneyland. I also went to see the Mona Lisa but the most interesting that happened was when I missed my train back to Bordeaux.

Bayonne and San Sebastian, Spain

This was the time when my boyfriend finally visited me in France. We went to see one of his friends who was residing in Bayonne. They showed us around Bayonne and took us to see San Sebastian. It was our quick weekend getaway before he goes back to Poland.

Lourdes and Cauterets

For my winter break, I went to Cauterets and was looking forward to seeing snow but ended up having too much anxiety that I wasn’t able to enjoy it much. However, my stay in Lourdes made it all worth it.

South Gironde

Before the spring break, our school organized a field trip to the South of Gironde. We went to see a 700-year-old Rock castle and the home estate of the Mauriac Family. It was also my last trip with my friends from my French class. It was a wonderful day.


For my spring break, I went to see J-boy in Warsaw for two whole weeks. I went to see a lot of museums alone since he had to work but I enjoyed every moment of it.


For our weekend together, we went to see Krakow. We didn’t plan anything else besides to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, we kind of ended up just going around Krakow’s old town for the most part our stay.

By mid-year, I got preoccupied and didn’t have time to update my blog. I will post about all the places beyond this line soon.


After a few weeks from my last trip to Warsaw, I came back again to celebrate our anniversary and my birthday. We went to Gdansk for a weekend.


From Gdansk, we had a side trip to Sopot to see the crooked building. It was cool but not interesting enough.


On my flight back to Bordeaux, I had a short layover in Milan. Only went to see two places, the Duomo di Milano and the shopping center right next to it.

Mont Saint Michel

It’s part of my travel bucket list to see Mont Saint Michel. It was a dream come true when J-boy and I went to see the tiny island off the coast of Normandy, even though both of us lacked sleep.


Rennes was the starting point for our trip to Mont Saint Michel, so we stayed for the night and saw the city the next day. It was mostly raining, so we ended up in a museum for the whole afternoon to kill time.

Paris – Versailles

I had an errand in Paris, which ended so quickly. We decided to go to Versailles but we only went to the garden because there was a long line to see the museum.


J-boy and I try to meet as much as possible and we found a way to meet in one city for a weekend, Nice. I took a 9-hour train ride, and he took a two-hour flight. We met at midnight and it was the beginning of a wonderful weekend. It was difficult not to spend so much in Nice, but we tried.


One of our planned side-trips was Eze, a small village on a cliff. Only saw a third part of the village but it had an amazing view of the mediterranean sea.


Our unplanned side trip, we had to run to catch a bus to Monaco. When we arrived, we didn’t spend on anything but we took so many photos to make it all worth it.

Saint Emilion

My friends and I decided to take a break from all the school work and went to Saint Emilion. I showed them around and we had an impromptu photo shoot.

Paris – 9th and 5th arrondissement

I had another errand in Paris and stayed with a close friend. She showed me new parts of Paris where I’ve never been to. Also, we went to a bookstore and I shared a part of me at a tea party.


J-boy and I went to Madrid for his birthday. It was a good thing we stayed in the city center since we didn’t have any planned itinerary. We just walked around the city and enjoyed the craziness.


We had a side trip to Segovia before we left. The small town was incredible and it felt we were in Rome.

2017 was another year of firsts for me, a mix of struggles and success, but I still can’t believe that I’ve been to so many places in just one year. I can’t wait for what’s in store for me in 2018!


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